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SMTP Relay

Most people are familiar with peer-to-peer email hosted via the cloud and accessed via a web browser. However, this type of managed email is not sufficient for specific types of email broadcasts. Many businesses, which send out bulk emails, like newsletters, or automated emails triggered from user interaction, need more tailored outgoing email solutions.

What is Mail Relay?

Mail relay is the process of transferring an email from one server to another for delivery. An example of this is if you work for Company A and send an email to someone at Company B, you connect to your company’s SMTP server which then relays your email to the server owned by Company B. One server accepting an email from another server is called “relaying.”

If you were to send an email to a person with an email address at the same domain as yours, there would not be a second server involved, so it is not considered relaying. It’s much like sending a paper letter to someone in your town – your local post office receives and delivers the letter without involving another post office.

Why is SMTP Relay Important?

Managing your own email server for peer-to-peer email is pretty straightforward because most emails are unique and are only sent to a limited number of recipients. But, what about when you want to send out a marketing newsletter or Bank Statements or Banking alerts, etc  to tens of thousands of subscribers? Or what if you have a web app that sends out notification emails triggered from your users’ activities? Those emails aren’t as unique and often get mistakenly labeled as spam. An SMTP relay provider like infoSource, can help.

Outsourcing to an SMTP relay provider is a great way to manage large outgoing email jobs and automated emails without negatively affecting your everyday email communications. infoSource’s SMTP services are scalable and allow you to add additional capacity as your needs grow.

infoSource SMTP Relay Services

infoSource provides a variety of SMTP hosting and relay services for transactional email and enterprise jobs. infoSource cloud solutions use the world’s largest email delivery infrastructure and are reliable, scalable, and measurable.

Transactional email delivery is easy to integrate with multiple developer frameworks, and comes with template libraries and code samples. Transactional email management is highly scalable and there are no hardware or software costs associated with it.

Enterprise email solutions are also highly scalable and provide a complete messaging delivery platform. Enterprise email management comes with real-time analytics and reporting tools and customers are assigned a dedicated account management and support team to help with any needs.

With a cloud-based dedicated SMTP Relay service, our clients can easily scale their email sending to fit their unique needs. Oftentimes, a business may see major changes in the volume of their email sending, and this type of growth would require the business to buy additional servers and licenses, or potentially increase their own bandwidth.

With infoSource dedicated SMTP Relay cloud-based email software, you’re able to send authenticated, secure email through the cloud instead of through your server, streamlining your transactional email process by removing the burden of software and security updates and placing that responsibility in our expert hands. Regardless of how many emails you’re sending, your process of sending a transactional email will be exactly the same, while we work on the back end to make sure your emails are delivered securely. For more information on infoSource SMTP Relay service  and how you can get started with our cloud-based email service, please contact us today.